limbo schtick

disclaimer: I have loved every single one of my internships and still think they are the only way to get started.

There is actually something in [my] life that is free, internships.

Or rather, it’s my working as an intern that has been free. Since my first internship at Universal Music in 2009 I have had a total of 6 internships, where only three of them paid. ‘Why might anyone put themselves through such torture?’ asks my one loyal reader. Because Oprah told me that was the best and only way to get started in the ‘biz’ darn it. I had also convinced myself that it would all one day pay off when I started to look for a “job job” after graduating college.

But it is almost two months since receiving an empty diploma case on stage at Lincoln Center and this girl is still [f]unemployed. “Enjoy it!” everyone tells me, “you’ll wish you had free time when you’re working five days a week.” And sure, getting to go for a run on the east river at 10 am on a Monday is not something I will be able to do when I start working full time, but for someone who has been working since they were 16, all this free time is just freaking me out! Also, having a job will mean no more condescending grill sessions from employed people my age asking me what “exact steps” I’m taking to find a job. “Well, I’ve mostly been sitting on my Ikea couch reading BuzzFeed lists waiting to meet someone as successful as you to teach me how to get a job.”

Rant aside, luckily for y’all this gives me time to work on Indiecisive, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It has also given me time to get healthy again {don’t worry this wont be a health blog), watch the entire series of Parks and Rec, and discover the greatest city on earth.

Accepting inexpensive (remember I don’t have a full-time job) ideas on what I should do with funemployment, but NOT questions about “what exactly it is I want to do.”

pun ya later,



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