good for thought

In my formal ode to Trader Joe’s I listed their cheap prices as one of the many reasons I lurve TJs. This blog post serves as further proof.

Thanks to Sofi, one of my favorite things to munch on is brussels sprouts. No one ever believes me that sometimes I even get a craving for them, except for Sofi of course. Now, guess how much a bag of these little green gems costs… all of $1.19. Yup, comes to about 25 cents per serving, except the suggested serving size is always and insult and doesn’t know my life so its actually 50 cents. Anyway, the meals below were all prepared with the help of Trader Joe’s (49 cent sweet potatoes, 20 cents per egg, $1.90 for Soy chorizo (which always makes me lol because i think “I am chorizo”), 89 cents for a can a garbanzo beans, and $2.99 for hummus (I actually laugh at this serving suggestion). happy food porning!

a “deconstructed tortilla” (my dad would be so proud!): sweet potato, egg, and soy chorizo (no longer proud) tasted better than it looks

brussels sprouts with soy chorizo, told my dad it was real chorizo

ah, and the star of the week: curry chickpeas with hummus

I never decided what exactly I want this blog to be so food posts are ok yeah?

– Punny girl


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