trifling traveling

Prior to heading to MIA last week I remember telling a friend that my only plans for the weekend were to see JT, and to eat. No but actually: Thursday night I made dinner plans with my bestie Angie, my mom wanted to take Vicki and I to lunch pre-JT on Friday, Saturday my dad wanted the familia to go to dinner, and Sunday brunch is always in the cards. So remember when I said I would dedicate a post to my weekend in Miami? Yea well you should also remember me saying I’m tres indecisive so I figure I’ll spare you all an “and then” post about my many meals.

What I do want to share are my traveling woes, if I may.  Now, tons of people have a crazy fear of flying, and I get that, but to quote the manny from So Little Time, “I don’t hate it.” I’m not about to become a flight attendant, unless…are they hiring?!, but I actually do enjoy flying, especially now that I’ve discovered JetBlue. I mean everyone gets their own TV with directv on it!! Hello Real housewives. AND YOU GET A FREE SNACK, snacks if you’re the 75+ year old man sitting in my row who totally played the age card and got TWO bags of chocolate chip cookies and a bag of popcorn. Speaking of the old fellow, he was traveling with his wife and the two of them damn near warmed my black heart. On more than one occasion he leaned over to grab his wife’s hand and they would just sit there, not saying a word, still looking at their own TVs (she MTV [probably waiting for actual music to start] and he CNN). I started to imagine their story for the remaining two hours of my flight, pausing to take the creepy shot below, and came to the conclusion that these two started off as friends even though he was always secretly in love with her until one day, he was just there. Who knew there would be a moral to the post eh?

photo-27 Ugh, JetBlue should have paid me for this post

– Patty


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