An open letter to Taylor Swift

Inspired by #2 JT’s recent open letter, and my sisters’ and my constant rants, here is an open letter to Taylor Swift.


I didn’t want it to come to this (I’d prefer it face to face) but I can’t continue to ignore your utter and seemingly blatant disgrace to the female sex. As a feminist who actually knows what feminism is, can I just say what a grossly horrific example you are to young girls and of all women?
I can?! Awesome. Every single song of yours I have had the misfortune of hearing centers around one thing: a guy. So, thank you so very much for reinforcing the patriarchy, [expletive]. Also it’s never just about the guy who realized you’re loca, there’s always the “other girl” whose fault it is, the “whore” to your “Madonna,” the girl who wears “short shorts,” and, according to your videos, the brunette. I did my research on this and literally every girl who plays the slut in your videos is brunette, things just got personal. Besides a blonde white chick who wears t-shirts and sits on the bleachers waiting for Romeo to save her on a white horse, I don’t see how a single female (not talking relationship status) could listen to your music, let alone deem it inspiring.
Also, aren’t you like 22? Aka a little old for fairy tales, calling yourself a princess and the like? When Beyoncé was your age she was singing about the house, shoes, rocks, and car she bought herself because no self respecting woman will throw her hands up at a song called “Dependent idiot.” If you’re going to insist on torturing us with your awkward presence you need to realize your power and start sending positive messages to your fans and not waste it on petty grudges and calling out a beautiful specimen such as Harry Styles.
But what you really need Taylor is a Swift kick in the face, among other things. Actually, lets name some of those things! a life, a reality check, a stylist, a oneway ticket to Antarctica, an appointment with a therapist who will tell you within 3 minutes that you are in fact the problem, to cut the act, a dictionary, new material, to stop dating, karma, and dance lessons.

Loyal member of team Tina and Amy

Ps, I censored myself


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