friday five

alright I’m starting something new this week with the first edition of INDIECISIVE’S FRIDAY FIVE! hey, if Oprah can yell her fav things so can I right? So here are the 5 things on my mind this Friday:

1. all white everything: with labor day just around the corner I have every intention of donning white all weekend long. If you’ve seen my apartment you might be thinking “won’t she be camouflaging while at home?” you are correct sir.  Author’s note: as a young one I wanted to be a dentist because my favorite color was white. tumblr_mqybeosrvZ1qkv30do1_500“hmm, i wonder if I should only eat white foods too, hummus is basically white right?”

2. 20/20 part 2: today marks 1 month until the release of JT’s next album, a continuation of the greatness that was songs like “Strawberry Bubblegum,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “Let the Groove Get In;” in an interview JTlake said part deux would be similar to Future/Sex. In related news: I will die on September 30th.

3. list me up: BuzzFeed is on my list of sites to check daily but today this list made me seriously laugh out loud. also, this list isn’t too bad. Can BF just hire me already? or anybody??

4. n*sync girl 4lyf: since the events of this past sunday I have been on an n*sync binge, a JT binge as well but that’s just my life. My sister vicki shared this article with me and if you’re in n*sync fan it’s a must read, any why wouldn’t you be?? nsync_hackey_sack

5. babysitter’s hub: while everyone enjoys their labor day weekend at the beach, by the pool, or on a boat, I will be judged by new yorkers wondering why a twelve year old is alone with a stroller. I’ll just keep thinking of this weekend as research for my next nanny diaries post, God I am so good to my 5 readers.

happy fiveday! – Patty


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