nanny diaries, chapter 1

Most people read up on Glass Door or the Wiki page of an employer on the days leading up to an interview or first day (I’m so happy for you). I however watched the riveting tale of young post grad with her eyes set on the big apple.

In The Nanny Diaries ScarJo plays a recent graduate who knows she wants to be in New York City for work but after having trouble landing the elusive “dream job,” she takes up nannying. I am painfully and fully aware of the film’s parallels to my life. I decided to watch the movie as research for my upcoming nanny gig at the time, trekking with a fam to East Hampton to be a “mothers helper” (feminist eye roll), aka the nanny “dream job.” Alas it was only a one time gig and that weekend was filled with a months quota of dirty diapers and two little girls running around sans clothing, but it was a paid trip to a Hamptons beach house stocked with #10 hummus, so this nanny is not complaining.

tumblr_m6embe0YrQ1rvck7mo1_500how does not one of the 6 families I sit for have a hot Harvard neighbor???

It was actually on the train back to New York that I met a young Spanish couple traveling with their 15 month old daughter; upon hearing I was a nanny the mom’s eyes widened and next thing I new I had another gig. Now as much as I love the tax-free pay and the fact that every one of these homes has hummus in their fridge, I wouldn’t mind a job that didn’t require me to spend my hours letting a 5-year-old out-run me and picking cheerios out of a kids ear, unless of course Blue Ivy needs a nanny.

stay tuned for part deux!

– P


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