pea chicks

Mission: find me a home that doesn’t have hummus in its refrigerator. Actually no I’m kidding, I would never wish such a horrific place on anyone much less my four readers! What I’m trying to say is that there is no doubt that #10 hummus is a trendy food right now and has been for some time even though I just recently jumped on the train; I said I’m sorry ok?! Now when you live in a household with two pescatarians, it’s a thing, and one pseudo vegetarian (I’m not about to get a plate of broccolini when my family takes me to Morton’s), the hummus craze is tripled.

Yesterday, on what was supposed to be a one stop trip to Morton Williams to only buy oatmeal, I was summoned to the hummus section curious of their selection. When I arrived Celine Dion’s “Power of Love” began playing as I set my eyes on a sign that read “Sabra 2 for $5.” As I skipped the five blocks home from the store I paused only to text Sofi and Nati to tell them the great news.

Because of my unemployment I was of course the first one home but soon enough the girls trickled in with their own bags from Morton Williams, I knew I picked the right roommates.

20130904-212115.jpg yes that’s seven hummus containers currently in our refrigerator, the severity of which should really come as no surprise if you’ve read my blog. What is not seen in this picture however are the three half full cans of garbanzo beans also in our fridge, we all make great curry chickpeas.

Ugh Morton Williams and the chickpea people should have paid me for this post,

Xoxo, pea chick


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