friday five

it’s fiveday, fiveday, gotta get down on fiveday (please don’t disown me). Here they are, the 5 things for friday September 6th, that’s today’s date right?:

1. TGIF: yes, thank God its friday but since I’m unemployed and this phrase doesn’t apply to me, what I really want to talk about for a sec is the American institution that is T.G.I. Fridays. This week on a call to AT&T I spoke with Tameka, a friendly operator from Georgia. She asked me how my labor day was and when I returned the gesture she told me that unfortunately she had to work but she couldn’t wait for her day off on Thursday. I asked if she had any special plans to which she informed me she would be making the two hour drive to Tallahassee for, wait for it, T.G.I Fridays. I almost feel guilty for all the times I walk by a Fridays in NYC and scoff, while poor Tameka probably doesn’t even know that most supermarkets sell frozen versions of Fridays’ delicacies. When she asked me if I thought she would like Miami I said “yeah, there is a ton of Fridays.”

2. NYFW: it has been said that everyday in New York is a fashion show, and while the man on my corner in the pink tutu and Lady Liberty crown would obviously be our Oscar de la Renta, alas there are only two “official” weeks of fashion in NYC. Today, on day 2 of nyfw, designer Rebecca Minkoff showed off her RTW collection and it’s an early favorite of mine. I heart pairing graphic tees with a cute skirt or printed pant and RM did just that AND with inspirations south of the border! My only problem with the collection? The tee that reads “Let’s all go to Mexico,” I think Minkoff meant Spain.


1378500249002-minkoff2 really, I look just like these girls, if we’re only looking at hair.

3. weather: can I talk about how great the weather has been recently? Seriously New York, I hope you knew you didn’t have to do anything to make me love you more but well done, a round of applause emojis please.


4. day 40: a month ago my cousin [and super-blogger] vee introduced me to the blog 40 Days of Dating, a dating experiment two friends embarked on for 40 days (thats the short version). I started on day 23 and binge-read the entire thing in one sitting, I found it seriously addicting. It couldn’t wait for the release of each new day all leading up to today, day 40, when we found out the couples fate. One of my favorite quotes from the blog: “While pressure can create diamonds, sometimes pressure can blow out from the bottom.” – Tim of course, I find Jessie insufferable. Now, when is the movie coming out?

5. deliciou$:  on the note of experiments, my sister vicki is visiting this weekend and we will be conducting our own experiment where we will be budgeting vicki’s two day trip to New York to $100. Stay tuned!

happy weekend, patty


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