hunger games victory lap

A couple of weeks ago I spared you all the agony of reading a post about my every meal on a weekend visit to Miami. Today you are not nearly as lucky. So, if you don’t like food you should stop reading here just get out, now.

My sister Vicki decided to visit this past weekend since she had off from work. She’s been to the city countless times but admittedly I get really excited whenever I have a visitor. I bombarded Vic with one-word texts all week to the tune of “Highline? Brooklyn? Park?? SoHo?!” Every one of which was followed by a “whatever” or “been there.” I soon remembered that Vicki is my sister and there is only one way to a Diez sister’s heart, food. (JT is a close second). Since Vic has never been to BK I knew we had to add Smorgasburg to the list, or, build the entire weekend around it. (how could I not attend an event with such a punny name and great view?)photo1photo 2image

even after making a game plan for Smorgasburg (thanks instagram), I was in no way ready. I went knowing I wanted to stop at Bombay Sandwich Co first but was immediately distracted by the very first vendor selling Mexican style hotdogs. I stuck to my guns, and after two loser laps and seeing Vicki enjoy a spicy tuna taco, a made a b-line for the Bombay tent. Alas they had something on their menu just for the indiecisive like me: an everything platter (L), it was utterly delicious and gone in 3 minutes. Next Vicki and I shared Teriyaki balls (R), and died.

photo 3photo next up: desserts. We asked for a sample from Butter & Scotch (they put alcohol in all their desserts) of their toffee trifle pudding crack thingy (L) and took 1 second to decide we needed some. This dessert was banana pudding status y’all. Also on my to-eat list was an ice cream sandwich and I “settled” on a vegan (!) cinnamon apple sammie (R) from Alchemy Creamery, who has the perfect name because crazy science is the only way to explain such deliciousness.
photo 5photo 1

did you think I was done? We ended our weekend as Katniss and Peeta after a win with a high note on Sunday at Mamoun’s Falafel (best in the city) and Levain Bakery for the holy grail of desserts: the 6 oz cookie. Words can’t explain, and I don’t want to break my computer with all the drooling that will ensue, how both eye-opening and closing these cookies are. One Yelp review said it better than I ever could: “it’s like Santa, the Easter bunny, and Mickey Mouse got together and said ‘dudes, lets make the best cookie ever.'”photo 7 I don’t know what else to say about this weekend except I’m sorry I’m not sorry, stomach, and I;m looking forward to making you hate me again in two weeks when I go to DC. Until then, oatmeal! chow for now – patty

p.s. if you didn’t already, I seriously recommend clicking on all food pictures for close ups


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