all in the apps

social media and technology have been getting a lot of crummy press lately. After reading a article BuzzFeed list with accompanying pictures of a family all glued to their phones, and cracking my phone after reaching for it for no reason, I went on a “diet,” pledging to only check apps like Instagram 3 times a day and keeping my phone away when I am with other humans. But over the weekend I was reminded how great some of these networking sites are when not used for naked pics, I’m still iffy about Snap Chat.

On Saturday I received a request for a group on Whatsapp. When I opened it I found the group titled “Prim@s” (cousins in Spanish), and it’s members were all of my first cousins and my 3 sisters! This is especially important to me because it is not easy keeping in touch with loved ones when you are spread across three countries (US, Spain, and UK). My sisters and I alone are spread out between 3 states! or, 2 states and a district rather. It was my cousin Lourdes (fittingly the oldest of the clan) who started the group and even more fittingly made the default picture of our late abuela.

One of my favorite things about family is how even after going years without seeing each other, you can always pick up right where you left off. It’s funny how being put in immediate contact with all my primos made me instantly miss them, and my seesters too of course.

 photo2 photo

gangs all here!! xoxo – patty



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