friday five

happy five-day the 13th, friends! Since this week’s Friday 5 is all links, I’m copying Vee and calling it “Friday Night Links.” Enjoy!

1. Ex Factor: yesterday Nati shared this video with me from the X Factor. Apparently Nati knows someone who is friends with the girl Sierra, sooo I’m basically bffs with them too. This couple is crazy good and too cute that I can’t even be cynical about it! And trust me, I tried. Anyone else catch Simon seeing dollar signs?? Also, I’m putting it in writing now that if this couple breaks up after becoming super famous all the headlines are going to read “Ex Factor.”

2. still not cynical: maybe I’m becoming a nicer person? doubtful. But seriously not even this video from Vee’s blog could annoy me with its absolute perfection. It’s a wedding video from a couple who saw the opportunity to turn their nuptials into a family reunion in the most adorable and pinteresty way. I wouldn’t be surprised if my wedding ends up looking exactly like theirs, except of course food vendors like Mamoun’s and Levain Bakery will be present.

photo 6

incase you forgot what they looked like, or need a pick me up

3. Timberyear: this week Jimmy Fallon announced another plan to kill me the greatest idea ever with Timberlake Tuesdays. Every Tuesday in September JT will be appearing on Late Night to wish me goodnight. Thus I will be waiting in yet another standby line next Tuesday, and every Tuesday after that. The bromance kicked of the month-long series with the segment “the evolution of end zone dancing” (below) where hilarity obviously ensued. no puedo.


4. who’s this?: [link] yet another BuzzFeed list is making it to the Friday 5 friends, this time it’s the 27 Perfect Ways to Respond to a Wrong Number Text. Seriously laughing out loud.

5. Never forget: there isn’t an 11th of september that I don’t immediately go back to my 5th grade Tuesday morning math class. As a New Yorker I can’t even begin to imagine that day 12 years ago and mostly because of the way I see New York today. The beat, the liveliness, the spirit remind me every single day that there is no breaking this city and this country. At the same time I remember my cousin Mike (video) who made it home safely and know that I will never forget the 2,978 victims.

special bday shout out to Jessi Hern! // love love love, patty


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