friday five

This is a very special edition of Friday Five, friends. I’m writing this from the last row on a bus on its way to DC with a strangers head on my shoulder, another neighbor who won’t stop snoring and I really, really have to pee. But, here it is, this weeks Friday Five.

1. DC: yup, headed to the district of chill for the weekend to reunite with Cristi and Vicki (wish Caro was coming!) and Eli. Looking forward to the monuments, seester time, festival, brunch, and falafel. per usual, look out for a post with a weekend recap.


2. Werk: easy there, I don’t have a “job job” yet but I have started hostessing at a new restaurant in meat packing to buy me time, and hummus. Last night was our soft opening with only people with entitlement issues friends and family. Some of the evenings other guests where Penn Badgely and the 50 Shades chick who was 100 shades of rude. xoxo, puny girl.

3. More reasons: I lurve chipotle, and this video gave me yet another reason.

4. Anniversary: it’s 6 months to/from my birthday but who really cares, it’s been 6 months since The 20/20 Experience came out and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new JT single. Speaking of JT, also heart this weeks vid for Timberlake Tuesdays on Fallon.

5. Beautiful: this video is a different kind of beautiful from the one of JT and Jimmy.

happy fiveday, patty


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