I’m sorry notes

It’s Monday, and over the weekend I realized I owe quite a bit of apologies. So if it’s ok with y’all, I’d like to air out my dirty laundry.

I’m sorry, brunch, for thinking you were just simply a meal in place of breakfast and lunch. 20130923-214050.jpghuevos rancheros, the holy grail of brunch items

20130923-214140.jpg all you can drink all Patty can drink

I’m sorry, Delaware, for being unimpressed when my bus back to NYC passed the “Welcome to Delaware” sign.

I’m sorry, me, for being a disgrace to us and not owning a TV in my apartment.

I’m sorry, humanity, that I watched an episode of Hannah Montana once and may have given Miley money.

I’m sorry, Pinterest, for thinking you were only for recipes and outfit ideas.

20130923-220339.jpgI’m sure theres more, but they’ll have to wait until next monday. xo, patty


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