friday five

1. Bromantic: excuse the incredibly shameless plug (sorry I’m not sorry), but have you read this/my latest BuzzFeed list? First there was my [failed] ode to Trader Joe’s, but this time around I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the perfection that is Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s friendship. I should have known that all I needed for something to go viral was to include JT and Jimmy. Special shout-out to Vee for fangirling on this with me! Check it out and then share with all your friends will ya? Seriously, I have no shame. enhanced-buzz-5878-1380225268-252. Cheers and Chillz : Last night I hopped on a downtown 4 train to find it jammed with Yankee fans. I sat between two bros and eavesdropped overheard several conversations talking about “perfection,” accompanied by a lot of head shaking. One thing I know about sports is that people don’t just go throwing ’round phrases like “the greatest to ever play” or “legend,” but when Mariano Rivera pitched his final game in the Bronx last night fans knew not even those words could suffice. Watch Rivera’s emotional/beautiful/chilling exit last night. That is real emotion folks; and for me, the best part of sports. USP  MLB: TAMPA BAY RAYS AT NEW YORK YANKEES S BBA USA NY

3. 20/20: JT’s Part 2 of 2 doesn’t officially come out until monday but this week he released his entire album for number 5. free streaming on iTunes! I would no doubt say this regardless, but the album is amazing. He kills it yet again.

4. Gleeful: I have no problemo admitting how obsessed I used to be with GLEE, but once I moved to New York and ceased watching any show that wasn’t Friends my obsession fell to the side. After hearing that their first two episodes this season are all Beatles music I went on a binge, catching up on all the videos I’ve missed and making myself late for work.

5. Addition: Early this morning my prima Susi welcomed the latest addition to our clan, meet baby Leo! No lie, we can start a soccer team with all the babies in this generation. Cannot wait to meet this little angel.


alright, I’m seriously going to be late for work now. happy fiveday, patty


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