cereal killer

being the youngest of 4 siblings I have had more than my share of teasing. Be it my pronunciation of “shed-up” instead of shut up, or my ending every exclamatory phrase with “uhhh” (think: shed-uhhhhhpp!!!), most of the teasing was warranted, but what I never understood was my fam’s relentless judgement of my favorite food, cereal.

I should note here that I was a picky eater as a kid, so whenever dinner was something I didn’t like (aka not mac n’ cheese with hotdogs), I ate a bowl of cereal instead. My family tried to kill my vibe every time I enjoyed said glorious bowls of cereal forcing me to initiate the now perfected eye roll. Silly rabbit family, don’t you know cereal is gRRRReat?? I actually have to admit that I was only recently reminded of this fact when within the span of one week I had two conversations centered around cereal, each lasting over 5 minutes.

During both of these conversations the topic of cereal combinations came up, which lead to a bow of the head in respect to The Cereal Bowl, an old friend. See, at The Cereal Bowl you could combine any and every cereal you wanted with also any topping you dreamed of. It was magically delicious, but kind of overpriced if you thought about it, which who had time to think about such a thing when enjoying a Cereal Bowl creation?? I was ready to write my next BuzzFeed list on the magic that is combing cereals but alas, it has been done. My favorite:enhanced-buzz-wide-474-1369254869-13recurring childhood memory: taking breaks wearing my Aerosol mask to sneak in spoonfuls of cereal. I had asthma and really liked cereal ok??

xoxo, patty


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