I’m sorry notes

It’s Monday, and over the weekend I realized I owe quite a bit of apologies. So if it’s ok with y’all, I’d like to air out my dirty laundry.

I’m sorry, peanut butter, for listening to my grandmother for five years when she said you were bad for me.74f3ce362cf180a8c700975d2bc4e280I’m sorry, chunky peanut butter, that I didn’t give you a chance until this year.

I’m sorry, Patties, but the way you spell your name is stewpid.

I’m sorry, Brussels sprouts, for thinking you were disgusting, and for also thinking you were “brussel sprouts.”5772795098_e6bca02c01_zI’m sorry, readers, if I talk too much about food. 

until next monday! patty


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