friday five

happy fiveday family, followers, and friends!! here’s whatsup…

1. moving movies: on Sunday Sofija and I did a double feature at our local theatre and saw Enough Said and Don Jon (sadly no Runner Runner). I went in honestly more excited about Don Jon (sup JGL?) but left absolutely in love with Enough Said, such is life amirate? Enough Said is the the movie your mother would drag you to and you end up loving but when she asks how you liked it you say it was only ok. My only thing about Enough Said is that I have zero clue why they chose that title for the movie. I may not be Roger Eber but these two thumbs are way up, makes it kind of hard to type this post though.enough-said-trailer_612x3802. pluggy plug: I’ve been working at a new restaurant in NYC’s meatpacking for a few weeks now and while I started the job thinking it would be a temp thang, I honestly can’t see myself leaving. If you haven’t heard of TORO you live under a rock you gotta czech it out! And lucky for you, you’re chummy with the chica in charge of the book. Check out some of the buzz: Eater, Zagat, NYTimes.

3. accents though: lurve this bit from Sir Paul’s recent visit to Late Night this week.JimmyFallon-Paul4. punkin: aside from the pumpkin spice latte I go seriously fan girl for all things pumpkin flavored. The dream come true would be a pumpkin crepe stuffed with pumpkin puree that is sandwiched between two pumpkin cookies that have been layered with pumpkin butter on the inside. The top cookie is then topped with pumpkin ice cream and a mini pumpkin macaron. I died and came back in the middle of that sentence. Tell me your fav pumpkin recipe!

5. pretty please: so this week I had a couple of interviews at a few  undisclosed companies and I’m asking for your most beautiful well wishes and good vibes. If you’ve read even one of my posts you know how much I want need this. thank you thank you dears!

xo, patty


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