friday five

feliz fiveday friends! miss me?

1. sorry note: “but it’s not Monday!!” Yeah well I feel I should apologize to my seven readers, and to myself, for not posting for an entire week. I promised myself I would make time to write everyday but with falling ill (literally, I fainted) and having a busy week, I just couldn’t get to it. But the bitch is back y’all.

2. more plugs: Last friday I wrote about plugged TORO, the restaurant I work at. and since clearly not much has changed since last week I am still plugging shamelessly, this time telling you to follow Toro on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter which I now curate. That is, if you like pictures of food and chefs.20131018-180437.jpg

3. LOL: the last time Nati (roomie dearest) got me hooked on something it was a group of underaged lads who do not look their age. This time the craze at apt 1G is watching stand-up. Our comics of choice? Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K., duh. Tom Haverford killz me weekly and this special from Aziz is one of my favs.

4. good ol’ frida: I’m all about DIYing halloween costumes, aka not paying to look like a slutty version of anything, and this year I decided to roll with recently being told (twice) that I look like someone famous. The first person who told me I bore a resemblance to Frida Kahlo was a 65 year old Ukranian grandmother who would have no doubt sued if I pushed her. Then Sofi mentioned I should be Frida for Halloween last week and when Angie sent me the below pic I warmed up to the idear. I’m pretty sure I have all the makings of a Frida costume around the apartment, AND if I hold off tweezing for two weeks I won’t have to buy a marker to draw a unibrow, WIN! ps, the site has other great diy ideas, no Mileys please.RTR_Carousel

5. visits: another reason I didn’t get to blog much this week is because I had visitors- Angie stayed with us over the weekend and we finally went to Sleep No More (again I’m not Roger Eber but I rec)! We decided that the next time Ange comes to NY it will be with a one-way ticket. Andrea and I met for breakfast at cafeteria during the week, another soon to be New Yorker! The crazy sched also meant I missed on seeing Patti who was visiting 😦


^my breakfast from cafeteria; you know when you order fruit and theres always stupid ones like cantaloupe mixed in there that nobody eats? Well this had all my favs. Serious eye-roll when the woman at the table next to us didn’t finish her bowl of fruit and granola. I’m sorry, did you get full from a dollop of yogurt?

love you mean it, patty


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