friday five

happy five-day to you my dear followers! coming to you this week from our nation’s capital…

1. papa Americano: this week, after some 30 years, my dad became an american citizen! Side note: he is Spain’s proudest export so for him to even say that he likes American cuisine was a huge step- side note #2: dude loves apple pie. Also, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pass the citizenship test if I was to take it today, it’s like 7th grade US History stuff. My sister Cristi and I always joked that in order to pass his test he was going to have to know all the Kardashian’s. ps: I think “papa americano” is the best caption I’ve ever written. no?1006370_10201233908505372_1566972747_n2. b-day baby: Vee’s perfect Benji turned the big 1 recently and his party was better than any I’ve ever had- read all about it on her super blog. She’s my blog inspo! 20131025-084752.jpg

Vee also sent me this care-pkg with some goodies from the party since I couldn’t be there, isn’t she the best?

3. home for xmas: my sis Vicki has been driving me up a JT-poster-lined wall asking me about driving home for Christmas this year this prices are ridic. A friend of hers is driving down from dc so I’d just have to meet them and continue on down to Miami. It all sounds very Jonathan Taylor Thomas but also like a great blog series about our travels- I’m excited!! but mostly to save money.

4. eye roll: disclaimer: this is not me being bitter about buzzFeed. this New York City hidden gems post however was tres annoying when after getting excited for almost every hidden gem it turned it is “closed to the public.” Soooo, I’m supposed to just admire these gems through one pic? Thanks for the tip BF.

5. roomie: my middle school librarian will have it out for me even more when she sees my latest decor in my room. Don’t know that this indiecisive chica will ever decide on decor.


happy weekend! xo, p


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