sunday six

happy weekend and saturday sunday my saints! (this post started as the saturday six) you may or may not have noticed there was no friday-five this week [or sorry notes], BUTTTTT the procrastinator in me saw the opportunity for a new weekly! Here you have the first ever Saturday Sunday six- man, I’m the worst.

1. movember: more importantly than it being the weekend, today means we are on the rode to the most wonderful time of the year: movember. I don’t even really know what it’s for but I’m all about anything that’s for a good cause and, perhaps more importantly, leaves the men of the world with beards. Did you know it is scientifically proven that men look better with beards? This tested theory will make you look twice at your coworker who forgot to shave or your professor who grew a beard for his Halloween costume.justin_timberlake_tko_hero

2. tko: speaking of beards and jt, this week I woke up one morning to a long overdue new jt vid. If you haven’t seen this I seriously suggest preparing yourself. The video not only knocked me out but now I also want to knockout Riley Keough. Seriously, are you ready for this? Nope, you’re not. Drool here.

3. impress: somehow my stand-up comedian binge morphed into watching videos of celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities. Here’s my favorite!

4. subway smiles: writer Yosef Lerner did a little experiment that left me even more heart-eyes for nyc. If you’re like every other New Yorker you probably never thought twice about the little black-and-white sign at every subway station, assuming you ever even noticed it. Watch and love here. Did my own experiment last night where I just pointed to the conductor.

5. hallowugh: sorry all but once my mom suggested I was too old for trick-or-treating, halloween just lost it’s touch for me. Dressing up is always fun but once you step outside and see a slutty-nun kissing a guy failing at a ferris bueller costume you’re reminded that people ruin everything. Especially this chick.

6. side eye: this article from HuffPo. In a word: nope.

good to be back- p


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