sunday six

happy sunday-six again friends!! i mean, did you really think it would only be a one time thing? – me asking myself

1. sister sister: the most important thing from the week is that my oldest sister Caro visited me! we spent our days together catching up (hand’t seen her since May, gross), and eating- don’t worry there isn’t another diez-sister food post coming your way. she left me yesterday but luckily I’ll be seeing her again in a few weeks for more eating Thanksgiving! photo

2. leaf me: yesterday Sofi also left me and I felt like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “why you want to leaveee meee?!” A quote no one caught when I uttered it making me consider getting new friends. Anyway Sof is off to the motherland and she will be missed terribly!

3. barf: the alternate title for this article was “Some of the reasons we hate Taylor Swift.”

4. the struggle: my family has forever been broken down into pale and tan, but I’m seriously a category all my own. It’s been a struggle and any time I get the slightest “tan” I get excited, only to then be the only human who notices any color. Yet another buzzfeed article is making it to the Sunday 6 amigos; side note: if a real light skinned person would have written this they would know we prefer the term fair over pale.

5. refreshing: corny yes but ‘refreshing’ was the first word I thought of when I heard of the a cappella group Pentatonix today and saw their crazy good evolution of Beyoncé vid. I of course didn’t stop with the one video and now I not only subscribe to their videos but I started a fan club and bought tickets to their upcoming nyc show. I kid but sometimes thats how my quick obsessions feel.

6. : no words, just right. Justin Timberlake "The 20/20 Experience" World Tour -  New York, New York

love you all, JT more though – patty


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