sunday six

happy lazy sunday friends!! fact: I could have written 5 blog posts with all the free time I had today, but instead I barely managed to write this one.

1. heroes: they come in all shapes and sizes.

2. kardashian hating: when SNL premiered this season with Kenan Thompson atop the list of veterans everyone was ready to dub it the worst season ever. But if you’ve seen one clip you’d agree it’s just as good as the other 38. That’s partly because each ep has at least 8 kardashian digs, and if you ask me it’s not enough. Last night’s gold.

3. steve: along with eating bowls of cereal and ice-cream, another reurring childhood memory of mine is watching Father of the Bride parts 1 and 2 on the reg. Every friday growing up I had a date with Steve Martin over two slices of Little Caesar’s. Yesterday the comic was honored with a Governor’s Award and his speech brings to laughs and the tears.

4. b sprouts: along with kardashian bashing, I’m really glad a certain veggie is having it’s moment. Seriously though, it’s like, cool to eat brussels sprouts now. I really wanted to instagram this pic but is it lame-o to insta food you’ve made yourself? Trust me, it was crazy good and gone in 4 minutes.


5. holy fog: part of the reason I stayed in for almost the entire day was on account of the forecast reading “fog.” Now, my naturally curly Cuban hair is no amigo to even the smallest amount of humidity so I just avoid the fro whenever I can. But even with the forecast I didn’t expect the fog to be making things disappear as it made my baby hairs appear! In the pic on the left was taken today and you’ll notice empire state building is missing, freaky.


6. the funny: another reason SNL is still great: seth meyer’s and weekend update. I’ve watched this video 5 times today.

have a great week! x patty


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