saturday six

happy weekend amigos! aren’t you proud of me for pulling my shit together in time to post? Still not back to the friday-five, baby steps please. In truth there is tons I want to catch you all up on- like the best thanksgiving meal there ever was and how the AMAs fueled my Tswift hatred, but we’ll start small:

1. sweet jesus: I’ve never particularly wanted to work as a server, mainly because I’m confident I would not be good at it and people can be awful, but the thought did cross my mind after I heard of tips for jesus. Tips is basically a mysterious someone who is going around the US [and Mexico] leavings tips only worth of Jesus Christ. You may say Tips is a superhero whose superpower is their wallet, but you prob wouldn’t. Check out their insta account


2. speaking of food: we were right? I just came across this buzz feed list which I am taking as the ultimate challenge. Get ready, stomach.

3. yule laugh: if you don’t watch Parks and Rec a. there’s something wrong with chu and b. you should. This season is especially amaze with the sprinkling of Billy Eichner in a couple eps. Then the funny duo got together to sing christmas carols through the streets of New York and it was the best thing that happened ever.

4. ordinary love: it’s no secret that I go fangirl for U2, how they continue to keep making amazing music decade after decade baffles me. Yesterday Sof showed me their latest music video for Ordinary Love. The vid is anything but ordinary but instead simply amazing- no really, it’s so simple. Watch hur.

5. dan charles: the only thing better than the news that P Rudd would be back on SNL again is that he would be joined by One Direction. My favorite skit of the night was Rudd acting as a 1d fan- his interaction with a mob of tweens and teens is perfect. something else to watch.

6. review: as we wait Toro’s NY Times review I’ve been reading old reviews from the mysterious Pete Wells. Possibly his greatest ever was a review of Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar in America’s craphole: times sq. Each review is rated on a simple star system with 4 being the highest and 0 the lowest. But Guy reached a new low with not only not receiving any stars but Wells simply gave it a “poor” rating. LOL here

happy holidays! pee dee


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