toro toro toro

I mentioned in the last post that working at Toro was a 2013 highlight, so I of course was not phased by my having to work on New Year’s Eve. A little back-story: the 31st was also the day our NY Times restaurant review was released, and after reading it [or skimming] you’ll see that there was lots to celebrate. We could not have asked for a better review or a better way to kick off the year.
As Toro’s unofficial resident designer, I was lucky enough to run with my creativity [sans balloon drop] and plan the details of our NYE fiesta. I knew I wanted the should-be overwhelming big space to feel intimate and romantic and candles were the answer. Sharing some fotos of what one of the partners deemed “creepy sexy.”
20140102-003407.jpg20140101-215853.jpg 20140102-003727.jpgThey say how you spend New Year’s Eve is how the rest of your year will be; if that’s true I am one lucky p.


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