I couldn’t think of a better reason to come out of my hiatus than a post-London post where I will begin to attempt to explain to you all how perfect those 4 short days were. Sister number 2 Cristi somehow managed to win a 4 day/3 night trip to London on Instagram by using the all holy hashtag ‘PricelessSurprises.’ The kicker: the trip would also include tickets to JT’s show at the O2 and a number of other activities I haven’t yet to fully grasped, so stay tuned. You’re probably wondering how I am even alive to write this post since I should have rightfully croaked the second I touched down in bloody Londontown, but luckily (like, really luckily) I didn’t. Aside from reluctantly, I left LONDON madly in love with tea, tiny finger sandwiches, MasterCard, and of course: London. I also left with that same feeling I had when I visited New York City for the first time, that this betch would be back. I won’t get into every detail, mostly because of fear of breaking my phone from the tears that will begin to stream out of my eyes, but here are some of my favorite pics:





I MISS LONDON[boys] and I miss this! Blog ya soon folks, scouts honor. XXx P


One thought on “#London

  1. By the way – I really like this…and I miss your writing too.

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