some idiot once said that laughter is the best medicine when we all know it’s peanut butter #amirite. I do think they’re onto something though- I’ve learned lately that being able to laugh at the ridiculousness that is your own life is one of the keys to sanity (only if paired with two servings of chunky PB a day, of course).

see, a stranger may giggle at the fact that in a city of 8+ million I somehow managed to run into two (TWO!) tinder matches in a month. Mom: don’t google tinder. but I can laugh-cry at the fact that one of them was making my sister’s pizza at broadway bites.

a coworker will laugh and immediately pity me when I tell them that while on the way to dinner on Sunday where my sister Vicki faceTimed her bf and Caro called hers, I texted Angie. This is even more hilarious to me so save the sad head tilt will ya?

heck some may have even been laughing at me this time one year ago when every single blog post surrounded my unemployment and my overall broke-girlness. And even though said people are assholes, I now laugh at the fact that I kinda sorta almost didn’t have to graduate college to be where I am now. OH WELLLL [pays monthly student loan payment and sobs]

you see, it’s far better to have them laughing with you than at you. Plus: you can laugh at them for being idiots and not realizing you are one step ahead of them. bwaahahaaha


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