‘flix and the city

I have a true love-hate relationship with TBS. For one, I hate their slogan “very funny” but I lurve that they play Friends daily. I soon forget about that love when a perfectly good Friends marathon is cut short with Eps of The King of Queens immediately killing my Chandler Bing buzz. I despise their overall censoring because you have to be some form of satanic spawn to cut out JT’s Leonardo DaVinci butt in Friends with Benefits. Likewise, though incredibly less significant to me, is their censoring of Sex and the City.

See, lately I’ve been on a SATC binge which my therapist would argue is healthier than a JT binge, right Sheila? Side note: I’m currently watching season 3 episode 7 right now aka I’m ready to pull Miranda’s ginger pixie right off and aka this post is taking much longer to write than it should.

Being single and living in the greatest city on earth I admit I find the show incredibly comforting lately. And while I will never associate myself as being a “Charlotte” or a “Samantha,” or accept the fact that Carrie has a rent-controlled studio apartment on the UES, these ladies know whatsup. One minor detail: the series ended over 10 years ago. Imagine SATC taking place in 2014 where Charlotte would spend hours wondering why some bro used a period instead of an exclamation point, or Carrie had to decide whether or not to unfollow Big on Instgram.  These women handed their phone numbers out on pieces of paper or had to be “listed” so guys could call them and leave voicemails to set up a date. Whereas today we’re deciphering hieroglyphics and deciding which of the 8 smile emojis to use. Hint: none.

f TBS. (TBS competitors should have paid me for this post)


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