Things I’ve learned to say in Italian: Part due

  1. It’s so hot/ has it ever been this hot?/ hot in here
    • Molto caldo/ è mai stato così caldo?/ caldo qui
  2. May I use the restroom?
    •  Posso usare il bagno? note: don’t bother learning this, the answer is always no
  3. Man bun.
    •  bun di uomo
  4. Is it okay if I walk around in my bra? (see number 1)
    • è ok si vado in giro nel mio reggiseno?
  5. Why yes, I’d love to hear your desserts
    • Si, mi piacerebbe sentire le vostre dolci

I’ve actually learned a pretty good amount of Italian during my time and now it’s a matter of practicing. When eating good food requires doing so, you do what you gotta do #amirite


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