13 things you will undoubtedly say to yourself while in Italy during the summer

note: this post is not to be confused with things others will say to you

  1. Holy shit why is it so hot?
  2. No really, why is it so hot?
  3. It’s like 98 degress but no Nick Lachey
  4. I wonder what Justin from 98 degress is up to
  5. How is everyone OK with this?
  6. Let’s cool down in Zara. NOPE, no AC there.
  7. Am I going to die here?
  8. This view better be worth it
  9. What the fuck is elbow sweat?
  11. But if I drink water I’ll have to find somwhere to pee
  12. How do you say bathroom again?
  13. Yup, this is worth it  

Shoutout to Florence for keeping it 100 degrees. 


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