Molto Malta*

*translation: v Malta

Not sure if my previous posts have made this clear but I am traveling my 100 days alone, so I’m doing my best to meet up with traveling friends along the way. First up is Malta to meet up with my dear friend Bellesa from my old gig at Toro. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about Malta until I met B almost two years ago and I imagine I’m not the only one on that ferry boat. Second note: she is actually from the smaller island Gozo and I’ve only been to Malta’s airport but for the sake of a bilingual pun, the title of this post remains. This post is a long one so get out now while you can.

The above being said, I didn’t have any expectations for my six days in Gozo other than eating pizza and drinking copious amounts of wine with B. What ensued however were some of the most amazing views and breathtaking moments of my life. As such, no blog post can ever do my time on the island justice but I’m sure as hell going to try dammit. Let’s talk about Monday: there was a boat tour around the island that took us to Blue Lagoon (photo no. 1) then we went to Malsaforn, a beach we had already been to only this time we trekked a little further down the coast (no. 2). You’ll see this isn’t your typical beach, there wasn’t even sand on the shore. There were however flat rocks that went pretty far into the sea that made it look like you were walking on water as the waves crashed on your feet. Think a slightly underwater boardwalk made of a giant smooth rock. Are you picturing it? Goood.

A little further in there were also several free standing rocks and when I found the one that hurt my ass the least when I sat on it, I posted up. This is how we met John, a local, slightly older gent who was just going for a swim and digging up sea urchin. Now, aside from Gozo, uni is another love of mine so when John cut up live sea urchin on that rock for us to eat I had a moment I won’t even begin to explain. He then gave each of us a sea urchin to take home (no. 3). B had to drag me from the beach that day.


Seriously, get out now there’s lots more. On my high from Monday I didn’t think Tuesday stood a chance but I went along anyway. Our first stop was the Azure Window (no. 4) one of Gozo’s most famous sights and home to Game of Thrones Season 1. It really is something you have to see to believe. From there we went to Hondoq Bay which I knew was B’s favorite beach going into it but I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. We climbed a bunch of rocks to end up in a secluded cave where the two of us just floated (no. 5). To put it simply but not mildly, I found my happy place that day.

 I left the islands with a jellyfish sting (no Bellesa didn’t pee on me, yes I peed on myself), a piece of sea urchin stuck in my foot, multiple bruises and the urge to return stat. If anyone ever marries me, this is where I’m honeymooning. AKA, Angie and I will probably just come on a trip. Ciao for now! P


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