tears for apartment

I’m 100% positive I have lost all readership so sincere apologies in advance for this sounding like a diary entry that I write under the assumption that one of my sisters will break into my diary after finding its hiding place. Side note: I would “hide” my diary under my pillow, so shame on me really. […]

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I couldn’t think of a better reason to come out of my hiatus than a post-London post where I will begin to attempt to explain to you all how perfect those 4 short days were. Sister number 2 Cristi somehow managed to win a 4 day/3 night trip to London on Instagram by using the […]

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hbd jt

It’s funny interesting sad that I can’t remember the capital of North Dakota (“nobody cares about the Dakotas!!”) but I’ll never forget the date January 31st.  I remember one specific January 31st where my sister Cristi and I sang happy bday to JT as we sat Indian style in front of a J14 poster lined […]

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bloggers block

not since attempting to start my 40 page senior thesis 3 months before it’s due date have I had such writers block. And even though this blog isn’t limited to the topic of the construction of perceived gender roles in adolescents (yeah), I still find myself driving the struggle bus to publish posts on the […]

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toro toro toro

I mentioned in the last post that working at Toro was a 2013 highlight, so I of course was not phased by my having to work on New Year’s Eve. A little back-story: the 31st was also the day our NY Times restaurant review was released, and after reading it [or skimming] you’ll see that […]

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in review

To say that 2013 was good to me would be a gross understatement. From the 1st of January to the 31st of December, 2013 gave me smiles, dreams, happiness, and answers. I settled into my first of many nyc apartments, I graduated college, met the man I have been stalking since I was 8, I […]

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saturday six

happy weekend amigos! aren’t you proud of me for pulling my shit together in time to post? Still not back to the friday-five, baby steps please. In truth there is tons I want to catch you all up on- like the best thanksgiving meal there ever was and how the AMAs fueled my Tswift hatred, […]

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sunday six

happy lazy sunday friends!! fact: I could have written 5 blog posts with all the free time I had today, but instead I barely managed to write this one. 1. heroes: they come in all shapes and sizes. 2. kardashian hating: when SNL premiered this season with Kenan Thompson atop the list of veterans everyone was […]

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instead of any sorry notes this week I just want to write one thank you note to the folks over a GQ. thank you so much GQ, for realizing what I have been saying since January: 2013 is the year of JT. this post is further argument that beards are better. thank you GQ, thank […]


An open letter to men

Hey, whatsup? As a woman concerned for your well-being, please take what I am about to say as genuine advice, advice that you should seriously effing take. Moreover, the sole fact that I am a woman makes me overly equipped and qualified to tell you what I am about to. Fellas, it’s time to grow […]

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