cereal killer

being the youngest of 4 siblings I have had more than my share of teasing. Be it my pronunciation of “shed-up” instead of shut up, or my ending every exclamatory phrase with “uhhh” (think: shed-uhhhhhpp!!!), most of the teasing was warranted, but what I never understood was my fam’s relentless judgement of my favorite food, […]

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happy bestday

you’ll have to excuse my tardiness on this post, especially since I can’t even blame it on my Indiecisiveness. Lets just pretend we’re friends who haven’t seen each other since last Friday and today when you saw me, you asked how my weekend was. You’re so sweet for asking!!! I’ll tell you all about it… […]

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friday five

happy five-day the 13th, friends! Since this week’s Friday 5 is all links, I’m copying Vee and calling it “Friday Night Links.” Enjoy! 1. Ex Factor: yesterday Nati shared this video with me from the X Factor. Apparently Nati knows someone who is friends with the girl Sierra, sooo I’m basically bffs with them too. […]

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hunger games victory lap

A couple of weeks ago I spared you all the agony of reading a post about my every meal on a weekend visit to Miami. Today you are not nearly as lucky. So, if you don’t like food you should stop reading here just get out, now. My sister Vicki decided to visit this past […]

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In pursuit of cronuts

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little craze called the cronut™ (yes the trademark is necessary), it’s a hybrid of a croissant and donut from the folks at Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC. My sister Cristi sent me a text about one week before I was set to go home asking me what the chances were […]

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good for thought

In my formal ode to Trader Joe’s I listed their cheap prices as one of the many reasons I lurve TJs. This blog post serves as further proof. Thanks to Sofi, one of my favorite things to munch on is brussels sprouts. No one ever believes me that sometimes I even get a craving for […]

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