cereal killer

being the youngest of 4 siblings I have had more than my share of teasing. Be it my pronunciation of “shed-up” instead of shut up, or my ending every exclamatory phrase with “uhhh” (think: shed-uhhhhhpp!!!), most of the teasing was warranted, but what I never understood was my fam’s relentless judgement of my favorite food, cereal.

I should note here that I was a picky eater as a kid, so whenever dinner was something I didn’t like (aka not mac n’ cheese with hotdogs), I ate a bowl of cereal instead. My family tried to kill my vibe every time I enjoyed said glorious bowls of cereal forcing me to initiate the now perfected eye roll. Silly rabbit family, don’t you know cereal is gRRRReat?? I actually have to admit that I was only recently reminded of this fact when within the span of one week I had two conversations centered around cereal, each lasting over 5 minutes.

During both of these conversations the topic of cereal combinations came up, which lead to a bow of the head in respect to The Cereal Bowl, an old friend. See, at The Cereal Bowl you could combine any and every cereal you wanted with also any topping you dreamed of. It was magically delicious, but kind of overpriced if you thought about it, which who had time to think about such a thing when enjoying a Cereal Bowl creation?? I was ready to write my next BuzzFeed list on the magic that is combing cereals but alas, it has been done. My favorite:enhanced-buzz-wide-474-1369254869-13recurring childhood memory: taking breaks wearing my Aerosol mask to sneak in spoonfuls of cereal. I had asthma and really liked cereal ok??

xoxo, patty


happy bestday

you’ll have to excuse my tardiness on this post, especially since I can’t even blame it on my Indiecisiveness. Lets just pretend we’re friends who haven’t seen each other since last Friday and today when you saw me, you asked how my weekend was. You’re so sweet for asking!!! I’ll tell you all about it…

On Saturday we celebrated Sofi’s 22nd birthday; the girl kept rambling (love you) about how she wanted a party on a rooftop or park and I also remember only hearing words like “champagne” and “cake” (clearly we are friends). We decided to surprise her with a picnic in our neighborhood’s park (sup Stuytown?). You guys might not know this but I don’t have a full time job, and lesbi honest: we are all post-grads so we knew we had to make it a potluck picnic. Surprise parties are surprisingly difficult to get together, that must be why they’re called “surprise parties;” I had to stalk think of creative ways to get a hold of the most important people to her which included commenting on her friend’s Instagram where I left a comment saying to text me at my number and searching LinkedIn for a coworker, did you know James is like a really poplar name?? All our planning and plotting was worth it, czech it out!


image this photo has been the cause of much debate as to who took it

imagedefinitely a moment for the jar, xoxo patty

friday five

happy five-day the 13th, friends! Since this week’s Friday 5 is all links, I’m copying Vee and calling it “Friday Night Links.” Enjoy!

1. Ex Factor: yesterday Nati shared this video with me from the X Factor. Apparently Nati knows someone who is friends with the girl Sierra, sooo I’m basically bffs with them too. This couple is crazy good and too cute that I can’t even be cynical about it! And trust me, I tried. Anyone else catch Simon seeing dollar signs?? Also, I’m putting it in writing now that if this couple breaks up after becoming super famous all the headlines are going to read “Ex Factor.”

2. still not cynical: maybe I’m becoming a nicer person? doubtful. But seriously not even this video from Vee’s blog could annoy me with its absolute perfection. It’s a wedding video from a couple who saw the opportunity to turn their nuptials into a family reunion in the most adorable and pinteresty way. I wouldn’t be surprised if my wedding ends up looking exactly like theirs, except of course food vendors like Mamoun’s and Levain Bakery will be present.

photo 6

incase you forgot what they looked like, or need a pick me up

3. Timberyear: this week Jimmy Fallon announced another plan to kill me the greatest idea ever with Timberlake Tuesdays. Every Tuesday in September JT will be appearing on Late Night to wish me goodnight. Thus I will be waiting in yet another standby line next Tuesday, and every Tuesday after that. The bromance kicked of the month-long series with the segment “the evolution of end zone dancing” (below) where hilarity obviously ensued. no puedo.


4. who’s this?: [link] yet another BuzzFeed list is making it to the Friday 5 friends, this time it’s the 27 Perfect Ways to Respond to a Wrong Number Text. Seriously laughing out loud.

5. Never forget: there isn’t an 11th of september that I don’t immediately go back to my 5th grade Tuesday morning math class. As a New Yorker I can’t even begin to imagine that day 12 years ago and mostly because of the way I see New York today. The beat, the liveliness, the spirit remind me every single day that there is no breaking this city and this country. At the same time I remember my cousin Mike (video) who made it home safely and know that I will never forget the 2,978 victims.

special bday shout out to Jessi Hern! // love love love, patty

hunger games victory lap

A couple of weeks ago I spared you all the agony of reading a post about my every meal on a weekend visit to Miami. Today you are not nearly as lucky. So, if you don’t like food you should stop reading here just get out, now.

My sister Vicki decided to visit this past weekend since she had off from work. She’s been to the city countless times but admittedly I get really excited whenever I have a visitor. I bombarded Vic with one-word texts all week to the tune of “Highline? Brooklyn? Park?? SoHo?!” Every one of which was followed by a “whatever” or “been there.” I soon remembered that Vicki is my sister and there is only one way to a Diez sister’s heart, food. (JT is a close second). Since Vic has never been to BK I knew we had to add Smorgasburg to the list, or, build the entire weekend around it. (how could I not attend an event with such a punny name and great view?)photo1photo 2image

even after making a game plan for Smorgasburg (thanks instagram), I was in no way ready. I went knowing I wanted to stop at Bombay Sandwich Co first but was immediately distracted by the very first vendor selling Mexican style hotdogs. I stuck to my guns, and after two loser laps and seeing Vicki enjoy a spicy tuna taco, a made a b-line for the Bombay tent. Alas they had something on their menu just for the indiecisive like me: an everything platter (L), it was utterly delicious and gone in 3 minutes. Next Vicki and I shared Teriyaki balls (R), and died.

photo 3photo next up: desserts. We asked for a sample from Butter & Scotch (they put alcohol in all their desserts) of their toffee trifle pudding crack thingy (L) and took 1 second to decide we needed some. This dessert was banana pudding status y’all. Also on my to-eat list was an ice cream sandwich and I “settled” on a vegan (!) cinnamon apple sammie (R) from Alchemy Creamery, who has the perfect name because crazy science is the only way to explain such deliciousness.
photo 5photo 1

did you think I was done? We ended our weekend as Katniss and Peeta after a win with a high note on Sunday at Mamoun’s Falafel (best in the city) and Levain Bakery for the holy grail of desserts: the 6 oz cookie. Words can’t explain, and I don’t want to break my computer with all the drooling that will ensue, how both eye-opening and closing these cookies are. One Yelp review said it better than I ever could: “it’s like Santa, the Easter bunny, and Mickey Mouse got together and said ‘dudes, lets make the best cookie ever.'”photo 7 I don’t know what else to say about this weekend except I’m sorry I’m not sorry, stomach, and I;m looking forward to making you hate me again in two weeks when I go to DC. Until then, oatmeal! chow for now – patty

p.s. if you didn’t already, I seriously recommend clicking on all food pictures for close ups

In pursuit of cronuts

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little craze called the cronut™ (yes the trademark is necessary), it’s a hybrid of a croissant and donut from the folks at Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC. My sister Cristi sent me a text about one week before I was set to go home asking me what the chances were I could bring her a cronut, her tone however was more suggestive of the fact that I would not be welcomed home cronut-less. So, I did my research.

I checked the bakery’s website, stalked Instagram for users who successfully received their cronuts, read up on NYC food blogs, all telling me what I feared: if I want a cronut, I have to arrive at the bakery no later than 6 am. Pft, little do they (the world?) know that I’ve twice waited days in line for SNL, I can do this.

After waking up at 4 am and literally just missing the L train (making me wait 25 minutes where I was literally the only soul at the station, except for the rat I saw), I arrived at the bakery at 5:50 am to be about 40th in line (since DAB makes about 200 cronuts a day and has a 2 per person limit, I knew I was in the clear).

photo 2-2 photo-8

the line in front of me the line behind me

It didn’t occur to me however how much longer after the bakery opened at 8 am that I would have to wait, rookie mistake. By 8:30 I had stepped out of the oddly cold August morning and into the bakery, after being greeted by Dominique himself! (have to say how much I love that he isn’t just a name attached to the bakery, actually saw him working behind the counter). photo 4 the myth, the legend

photo 5Dominique hustling. it’s like, the heavens are shinning down on him

photo 1-2 photo 3After a $33 cab ride and a nearly three hour flight, we all made it safe and sound to Miami. All through my travels I thought the creepy guy from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory was going to offer me $200 for one/ kinda wish he did. photo 2-3photo 5-3 All in all, the cronuts and D.K.A. were worth the wait. They were like little flaky bites of clouds filled with coconut made by angels. I’m sure Cristi agrees, you know, especially since she didn’t have to wait.

xo patty


good for thought

In my formal ode to Trader Joe’s I listed their cheap prices as one of the many reasons I lurve TJs. This blog post serves as further proof.

Thanks to Sofi, one of my favorite things to munch on is brussels sprouts. No one ever believes me that sometimes I even get a craving for them, except for Sofi of course. Now, guess how much a bag of these little green gems costs… all of $1.19. Yup, comes to about 25 cents per serving, except the suggested serving size is always and insult and doesn’t know my life so its actually 50 cents. Anyway, the meals below were all prepared with the help of Trader Joe’s (49 cent sweet potatoes, 20 cents per egg, $1.90 for Soy chorizo (which always makes me lol because i think “I am chorizo”), 89 cents for a can a garbanzo beans, and $2.99 for hummus (I actually laugh at this serving suggestion). happy food porning!

a “deconstructed tortilla” (my dad would be so proud!): sweet potato, egg, and soy chorizo (no longer proud) tasted better than it looks

brussels sprouts with soy chorizo, told my dad it was real chorizo

ah, and the star of the week: curry chickpeas with hummus

I never decided what exactly I want this blog to be so food posts are ok yeah?

– Punny girl