friday five

happy five-day to you my dear followers! coming to you this week from our nation’s capital…

1. papa Americano: this week, after some 30 years, my dad became an american citizen! Side note: he is Spain’s proudest export so for him to even say that he likes American cuisine was a huge step- side note #2: dude loves apple pie. Also, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pass the citizenship test if I was to take it today, it’s like 7th grade US History stuff. My sister Cristi and I always joked that in order to pass his test he was going to have to know all the Kardashian’s. ps: I think “papa americano” is the best caption I’ve ever written. no?1006370_10201233908505372_1566972747_n2. b-day baby: Vee’s perfect Benji turned the big 1 recently and his party was better than any I’ve ever had- read all about it on her super blog. She’s my blog inspo! 20131025-084752.jpg

Vee also sent me this care-pkg with some goodies from the party since I couldn’t be there, isn’t she the best?

3. home for xmas: my sis Vicki has been driving me up a JT-poster-lined wall asking me about driving home for Christmas this year this prices are ridic. A friend of hers is driving down from dc so I’d just have to meet them and continue on down to Miami. It all sounds very Jonathan Taylor Thomas but also like a great blog series about our travels- I’m excited!! but mostly to save money.

4. eye roll: disclaimer: this is not me being bitter about buzzFeed. this New York City hidden gems post however was tres annoying when after getting excited for almost every hidden gem it turned it is “closed to the public.” Soooo, I’m supposed to just admire these gems through one pic? Thanks for the tip BF.

5. roomie: my middle school librarian will have it out for me even more when she sees my latest decor in my room. Don’t know that this indiecisive chica will ever decide on decor.


happy weekend! xo, p


friday five

feliz fiveday friends! miss me?

1. sorry note: “but it’s not Monday!!” Yeah well I feel I should apologize to my seven readers, and to myself, for not posting for an entire week. I promised myself I would make time to write everyday but with falling ill (literally, I fainted) and having a busy week, I just couldn’t get to it. But the bitch is back y’all.

2. more plugs: Last friday I wrote about plugged TORO, the restaurant I work at. and since clearly not much has changed since last week I am still plugging shamelessly, this time telling you to follow Toro on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter which I now curate. That is, if you like pictures of food and chefs.20131018-180437.jpg

3. LOL: the last time Nati (roomie dearest) got me hooked on something it was a group of underaged lads who do not look their age. This time the craze at apt 1G is watching stand-up. Our comics of choice? Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K., duh. Tom Haverford killz me weekly and this special from Aziz is one of my favs.

4. good ol’ frida: I’m all about DIYing halloween costumes, aka not paying to look like a slutty version of anything, and this year I decided to roll with recently being told (twice) that I look like someone famous. The first person who told me I bore a resemblance to Frida Kahlo was a 65 year old Ukranian grandmother who would have no doubt sued if I pushed her. Then Sofi mentioned I should be Frida for Halloween last week and when Angie sent me the below pic I warmed up to the idear. I’m pretty sure I have all the makings of a Frida costume around the apartment, AND if I hold off tweezing for two weeks I won’t have to buy a marker to draw a unibrow, WIN! ps, the site has other great diy ideas, no Mileys please.RTR_Carousel

5. visits: another reason I didn’t get to blog much this week is because I had visitors- Angie stayed with us over the weekend and we finally went to Sleep No More (again I’m not Roger Eber but I rec)! We decided that the next time Ange comes to NY it will be with a one-way ticket. Andrea and I met for breakfast at cafeteria during the week, another soon to be New Yorker! The crazy sched also meant I missed on seeing Patti who was visiting 😦


^my breakfast from cafeteria; you know when you order fruit and theres always stupid ones like cantaloupe mixed in there that nobody eats? Well this had all my favs. Serious eye-roll when the woman at the table next to us didn’t finish her bowl of fruit and granola. I’m sorry, did you get full from a dollop of yogurt?

love you mean it, patty

friday five

happy fiveday family, followers, and friends!! here’s whatsup…

1. moving movies: on Sunday Sofija and I did a double feature at our local theatre and saw Enough Said and Don Jon (sadly no Runner Runner). I went in honestly more excited about Don Jon (sup JGL?) but left absolutely in love with Enough Said, such is life amirate? Enough Said is the the movie your mother would drag you to and you end up loving but when she asks how you liked it you say it was only ok. My only thing about Enough Said is that I have zero clue why they chose that title for the movie. I may not be Roger Eber but these two thumbs are way up, makes it kind of hard to type this post though.enough-said-trailer_612x3802. pluggy plug: I’ve been working at a new restaurant in NYC’s meatpacking for a few weeks now and while I started the job thinking it would be a temp thang, I honestly can’t see myself leaving. If you haven’t heard of TORO you live under a rock you gotta czech it out! And lucky for you, you’re chummy with the chica in charge of the book. Check out some of the buzz: Eater, Zagat, NYTimes.

3. accents though: lurve this bit from Sir Paul’s recent visit to Late Night this week.JimmyFallon-Paul4. punkin: aside from the pumpkin spice latte I go seriously fan girl for all things pumpkin flavored. The dream come true would be a pumpkin crepe stuffed with pumpkin puree that is sandwiched between two pumpkin cookies that have been layered with pumpkin butter on the inside. The top cookie is then topped with pumpkin ice cream and a mini pumpkin macaron. I died and came back in the middle of that sentence. Tell me your fav pumpkin recipe!

5. pretty please: so this week I had a couple of interviews at a few  undisclosed companies and I’m asking for your most beautiful well wishes and good vibes. If you’ve read even one of my posts you know how much I want need this. thank you thank you dears!

xo, patty

friday five

happy first five-day of awktober, here is this weeks Friday Five:

1. Lordy Lorde: in august I posted a link to Lorde’s “Royals” as I seriously could not get it out of my head for weeks. This week Lorde (apparently pronounced “lord”) made her American TV debut on Late Night and scared me in the best way. This gurl is seriously cool and somehow only 16. Makes you wonder doesn’t it, Taylor Swift. lordelead-600x400 GAH, she’s so cool

2. dream huge: if I need reminding that dreams come true I usually watch Ben and Matt’s or Cuba’s Oscar speeches, or take a gander at my background photo (me and JT). This week I was reminded yet again when my good friend Jessi had her life made when she met her person, Derek Jeter. She also did so with one of the coolest stories ever.993722_10151890606149030_472269521_n

3. quotable: “There’s something so romantic about being broke in New York. You gotta do it. You have to live there once without any money, and then you have to live there when you have money. Let me tell you, of the two, the latter is far better.” – Amy Poehler

4. Chic Chick: my roomie and bestie Sofi has her own bloggy blog where she gives Corporate America a fashion lesson, because lets be honest: those folks need it. So put the red Lord[e] & Taylor[Swift] pant suit down and listen to Sofija.15358_10151781596468599_1401433511_n

5. applause: my mom sent me this link of a letter a grandfather wrote to his daughter after he learned she disowned her son for coming out. It is harsh, epic, and sassy/ makes you think granpa is also gay amirite? I kid. Serious standing O for the old guy, his grandson is insanely lucky to have him. Off to write my own disown letter to my mom for reading Yahoo News.de1cf47e-2c90-4153-9233-a859813d87d6_1385974_604397906265575_730029075_n-1

less than 3, patty

friday five

1. Bromantic: excuse the incredibly shameless plug (sorry I’m not sorry), but have you read this/my latest BuzzFeed list? First there was my [failed] ode to Trader Joe’s, but this time around I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the perfection that is Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s friendship. I should have known that all I needed for something to go viral was to include JT and Jimmy. Special shout-out to Vee for fangirling on this with me! Check it out and then share with all your friends will ya? Seriously, I have no shame. enhanced-buzz-5878-1380225268-252. Cheers and Chillz : Last night I hopped on a downtown 4 train to find it jammed with Yankee fans. I sat between two bros and eavesdropped overheard several conversations talking about “perfection,” accompanied by a lot of head shaking. One thing I know about sports is that people don’t just go throwing ’round phrases like “the greatest to ever play” or “legend,” but when Mariano Rivera pitched his final game in the Bronx last night fans knew not even those words could suffice. Watch Rivera’s emotional/beautiful/chilling exit last night. That is real emotion folks; and for me, the best part of sports. USP  MLB: TAMPA BAY RAYS AT NEW YORK YANKEES S BBA USA NY

3. 20/20: JT’s Part 2 of 2 doesn’t officially come out until monday but this week he released his entire album for number 5. free streaming on iTunes! I would no doubt say this regardless, but the album is amazing. He kills it yet again.

4. Gleeful: I have no problemo admitting how obsessed I used to be with GLEE, but once I moved to New York and ceased watching any show that wasn’t Friends my obsession fell to the side. After hearing that their first two episodes this season are all Beatles music I went on a binge, catching up on all the videos I’ve missed and making myself late for work.

5. Addition: Early this morning my prima Susi welcomed the latest addition to our clan, meet baby Leo! No lie, we can start a soccer team with all the babies in this generation. Cannot wait to meet this little angel.


alright, I’m seriously going to be late for work now. happy fiveday, patty