happy bestday

you’ll have to excuse my tardiness on this post, especially since I can’t even blame it on my Indiecisiveness. Lets just pretend we’re friends who haven’t seen each other since last Friday and today when you saw me, you asked how my weekend was. You’re so sweet for asking!!! I’ll tell you all about it…

On Saturday we celebrated Sofi’s 22nd birthday; the girl kept rambling (love you) about how she wanted a party on a rooftop or park and I also remember only hearing words like “champagne” and “cake” (clearly we are friends). We decided to surprise her with a picnic in our neighborhood’s park (sup Stuytown?). You guys might not know this but I don’t have a full time job, and lesbi honest: we are all post-grads so we knew we had to make it a potluck picnic. Surprise parties are surprisingly difficult to get together, that must be why they’re called “surprise parties;” I had to stalk think of creative ways to get a hold of the most important people to her which included commenting on her friend’s Instagram where I left a comment saying to text me at my number and searching LinkedIn for a coworker, did you know James is like a really poplar name?? All our planning and plotting was worth it, czech it out!


image this photo has been the cause of much debate as to who took it

imagedefinitely a moment for the jar, xoxo patty


lets review

when you’re unemployed (holla!), life is like, all weekends. BUT when you’re friends are employed, it’s not really. Alas my weekend started on Friday when Sofi, Nati and I went to Lavo and had a lavly time. Note on Lavo: my ego and I can only handle it about once every few months. I felt like death warmed up on Saturday but a trip to The Highline was the quickest fix, yes even with all the tourists (New Yorker eye roll). At night Sofi and I walked to the west village to meet a friend of ours at a coffee shop; unsure of our next step someone suggested a Jazz club and we were on our way (I realize those last two sentences make me sound totes hipster, which has been cancelled out by my use of ‘totes’). On the way I remembered a place in NoLita called Sweet & Vicious with frozen margs in mason jars, there was no need to convince. Long post short, I was speaking in Spanish the entire walk home. Bloody Sunday arrived and we went for our traditional Sunday-coffee for someone who hates coffee I sure go to a lot of coffee shops.


image3can I get married on the highline?

image2post dos margaritas

image1 the girls of 1G pre coffee

oh, and when I wasn’t doing the above I was listening to Royals by Lorde. Definitely a week for the jar.

Here’s wishing you a week that feels like the weekend!