Dear social media idiots…

Specifically, those who comment “where is this?!” or “where are you??” on a geotagged photo.

Did you suddenly forget how to read?

Because that is the only excuse for your stupidity. I get that you probably just saw a filtered picture of some crazy delicious food porn, and in turn suffered from a minor stroke, but if this is really the case you probably shouldn’t even be on Instagram. Lets take another look at the picture you just idiotically commented on.


See that? Right above said picture? It’s an effing geotag. You were dumb enough to comment asking where the picture was taken so you probably have no idea what a geotag is. Allow me. A geotag is the process of attaching or “tagging” geographical identification to various media such as a photograph or video.

In short, you’re an imbecile.

Let me further explain: when you comment asking someone where a picture they just geotagged was taken, not only are you asking them to repeat themselves but you are showing them your blatant disregard of basic context clues. A simple glance with but one of your fully functioning human eye balls will direct you to the link above the picture that reads “The Smith East Village” or “dank sandwich place” where you can then (even more simply) click on the link for the exact geographical location of the huevos rancheros you just saw. You see, where the owner of the photo tried to share the wealth and let everyone know where they can indulge in such deliciousness, you reminded them that there are still incompetent people in this world.

lurve, patty