I’m sorry notes

Every Friday on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon shares his thank you notes. The hilarious weekly segment inspired me to start my own  version aptly titled “I’m sorry notes.” Hopefully this is the first edition of many! Cue the sorry music…

I’m sorry, hummus, for only realizing your deliciousness eight months ago.

I’m sorry, naps, for not giving you the respect you deserved when I was a child.

I’m sorry, oatmeal, for previously thinking you were cereals boring and ugly cousin.

I’m sorry, water, for getting very angry in fifth grade with the ending of A Search for Delicious that said you were the definition of delicious.

I’m sorry, books, for killing you and breaking you apart for the sake of decorating my apartment.

I’m sorry, haas avocados, for always misjudging your ripeness and in turn throwing you away.

to whom or what are you guys sorry?? happy labor day! -P