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To say that 2013 was good to me would be a gross understatement. From the 1st of January to the 31st of December, 2013 gave me smiles, dreams, happiness, and answers. I settled into my first of many nyc apartments, I graduated college, met the man I have been stalking since I was 8, I found a job that I can’t wait to go to everyday, and I found that others out there share my disgust of tSwift. See? Gross understatement. Another one of my favorite moments of 2013 is all the feedback and love from Indie readers, and for that I can’t thank you enough. I even forgive all of you for no longer following after two hiatuses and bringing my readership back down to just my mom and some 7 year old who uses the brightness of my all-white blog layout to light his room at night. 2013 was also the perfect year to start my jar tradition which I’ve already started for 2014!



Happy New Year dear readers! May your years be forever jar worthy.

Xoxxo P


sunday six

happy sunday-six again friends!! i mean, did you really think it would only be a one time thing? – me asking myself

1. sister sister: the most important thing from the week is that my oldest sister Caro visited me! we spent our days together catching up (hand’t seen her since May, gross), and eating- don’t worry there isn’t another diez-sister food post coming your way. she left me yesterday but luckily I’ll be seeing her again in a few weeks for more eating Thanksgiving! photo

2. leaf me: yesterday Sofi also left me and I felt like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “why you want to leaveee meee?!” A quote no one caught when I uttered it making me consider getting new friends. Anyway Sof is off to the motherland and she will be missed terribly!

3. barf: the alternate title for this article was “Some of the reasons we hate Taylor Swift.”

4. the struggle: my family has forever been broken down into pale and tan, but I’m seriously a category all my own. It’s been a struggle and any time I get the slightest “tan” I get excited, only to then be the only human who notices any color. Yet another buzzfeed article is making it to the Sunday 6 amigos; side note: if a real light skinned person would have written this they would know we prefer the term fair over pale.

5. refreshing: corny yes but ‘refreshing’ was the first word I thought of when I heard of the a cappella group Pentatonix today and saw their crazy good evolution of Beyoncé vid. I of course didn’t stop with the one video and now I not only subscribe to their videos but I started a fan club and bought tickets to their upcoming nyc show. I kid but sometimes thats how my quick obsessions feel.

6. : no words, just right. Justin Timberlake "The 20/20 Experience" World Tour -  New York, New York

love you all, JT more though – patty

sunday six

happy weekend and saturday sunday my saints! (this post started as the saturday six) you may or may not have noticed there was no friday-five this week [or sorry notes], BUTTTTT the procrastinator in me saw the opportunity for a new weekly! Here you have the first ever Saturday Sunday six- man, I’m the worst.

1. movember: more importantly than it being the weekend, today means we are on the rode to the most wonderful time of the year: movember. I don’t even really know what it’s for but I’m all about anything that’s for a good cause and, perhaps more importantly, leaves the men of the world with beards. Did you know it is scientifically proven that men look better with beards? This tested theory will make you look twice at your coworker who forgot to shave or your professor who grew a beard for his Halloween costume.justin_timberlake_tko_hero

2. tko: speaking of beards and jt, this week I woke up one morning to a long overdue new jt vid. If you haven’t seen this I seriously suggest preparing yourself. The video not only knocked me out but now I also want to knockout Riley Keough. Seriously, are you ready for this? Nope, you’re not. Drool here.

3. impress: somehow my stand-up comedian binge morphed into watching videos of celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities. Here’s my favorite!

4. subway smiles: writer Yosef Lerner did a little experiment that left me even more heart-eyes for nyc. If you’re like every other New Yorker you probably never thought twice about the little black-and-white sign at every subway station, assuming you ever even noticed it. Watch and love here. Did my own experiment last night where I just pointed to the conductor.

5. hallowugh: sorry all but once my mom suggested I was too old for trick-or-treating, halloween just lost it’s touch for me. Dressing up is always fun but once you step outside and see a slutty-nun kissing a guy failing at a ferris bueller costume you’re reminded that people ruin everything. Especially this chick.

6. side eye: this article from HuffPo. In a word: nope.

good to be back- p

friday five

1. Bromantic: excuse the incredibly shameless plug (sorry I’m not sorry), but have you read this/my latest BuzzFeed list? First there was my [failed] ode to Trader Joe’s, but this time around I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the perfection that is Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s friendship. I should have known that all I needed for something to go viral was to include JT and Jimmy. Special shout-out to Vee for fangirling on this with me! Check it out and then share with all your friends will ya? Seriously, I have no shame. enhanced-buzz-5878-1380225268-252. Cheers and Chillz : Last night I hopped on a downtown 4 train to find it jammed with Yankee fans. I sat between two bros and eavesdropped overheard several conversations talking about “perfection,” accompanied by a lot of head shaking. One thing I know about sports is that people don’t just go throwing ’round phrases like “the greatest to ever play” or “legend,” but when Mariano Rivera pitched his final game in the Bronx last night fans knew not even those words could suffice. Watch Rivera’s emotional/beautiful/chilling exit last night. That is real emotion folks; and for me, the best part of sports. USP  MLB: TAMPA BAY RAYS AT NEW YORK YANKEES S BBA USA NY

3. 20/20: JT’s Part 2 of 2 doesn’t officially come out until monday but this week he released his entire album for number 5. free streaming on iTunes! I would no doubt say this regardless, but the album is amazing. He kills it yet again.

4. Gleeful: I have no problemo admitting how obsessed I used to be with GLEE, but once I moved to New York and ceased watching any show that wasn’t Friends my obsession fell to the side. After hearing that their first two episodes this season are all Beatles music I went on a binge, catching up on all the videos I’ve missed and making myself late for work.

5. Addition: Early this morning my prima Susi welcomed the latest addition to our clan, meet baby Leo! No lie, we can start a soccer team with all the babies in this generation. Cannot wait to meet this little angel.


alright, I’m seriously going to be late for work now. happy fiveday, patty

friday five

alright I’m starting something new this week with the first edition of INDIECISIVE’S FRIDAY FIVE! hey, if Oprah can yell her fav things so can I right? So here are the 5 things on my mind this Friday:

1. all white everything: with labor day just around the corner I have every intention of donning white all weekend long. If you’ve seen my apartment you might be thinking “won’t she be camouflaging while at home?” you are correct sir.  Author’s note: as a young one I wanted to be a dentist because my favorite color was white. tumblr_mqybeosrvZ1qkv30do1_500“hmm, i wonder if I should only eat white foods too, hummus is basically white right?”

2. 20/20 part 2: today marks 1 month until the release of JT’s next album, a continuation of the greatness that was songs like “Strawberry Bubblegum,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “Let the Groove Get In;” in an interview JTlake said part deux would be similar to Future/Sex. In related news: I will die on September 30th.

3. list me up: BuzzFeed is on my list of sites to check daily but today this list made me seriously laugh out loud. also, this list isn’t too bad. Can BF just hire me already? or anybody??

4. n*sync girl 4lyf: since the events of this past sunday I have been on an n*sync binge, a JT binge as well but that’s just my life. My sister vicki shared this article with me and if you’re in n*sync fan it’s a must read, any why wouldn’t you be?? nsync_hackey_sack

5. babysitter’s hub: while everyone enjoys their labor day weekend at the beach, by the pool, or on a boat, I will be judged by new yorkers wondering why a twelve year old is alone with a stroller. I’ll just keep thinking of this weekend as research for my next nanny diaries post, God I am so good to my 5 readers.

happy fiveday! – Patty

no sleep til brooklyn

I awoke this morning to the best news, well, maybe second best (still no job): justiN, chriS, joeY, “lansteN,” and jC will reportedly be reuniting this Sunday @ the MTV VMAs.

Since that fateful day in 2002 when I watched TRL through a puddle of tears sitting on my dad’s recliner, and thus began plotting Carson Daily’s death, I have been waiting for an N*SYNC reunion. You might even say an N*SYNC reunion is all I ever wanted, baby.

Immediately after the news and throwing away Carson’s voodoo doll, I began researching my options on getting into Barclays this Sunday (ugh if only I would have gotten that job I applied for at Barclays! Or any other really). I have since entered every possible contest and ticket lottery continuously telling myself “its gonna be me,” law of attraction y’all!

20130821-003632.jpg as a little girl I wanted nothing more than to be the little black boy who got to dance with N*SYNC

But let’s get serious, can you imagine how epic this performance is going to be?? It makes me ill thinking about the possible matching overalls, frosted tips, choreographed dance sequences where Joey falls over, JT cornrows, JT CURLY HAIR, I just can’t. While I’m hoping for a greatest hits melody, the five of them could just stand there in camo cargo shorts and it would still be great, this I promise you.

bye bye bye,

summer night’s dream

I plan on writing a post about my entire weekend @ home but friday night deserves it’s own post, its own blog really but I fear my one reader will get bored.

Where should I start? 1996 when I first discovered Justin Timberlake? January 10th, 2013 when JT announced his return to music? February 22 when jT and Jay announced LOTS? (thanks fb for confirming all these dates) Lets go with the latter eh? Considering we bought our tickets Feb 22nd, at 12 pm when they went on sale, It was close to torture waiting until August 16th for the show. But, no surprise here, grossly worth the wait. Lets review.

We arrived to Dolphin ProPlayer LandShark SunLife stadium about an hour before the show to tailgate, and of course what better choice than champagne. I always get really nervous before concerts, not sure if it’s fear of missing or forgetting something but it just happens k? Said champagne calmed my nerves in no time.

jt1sister Vicki’s tres trendy concert outfit, see what she did there?

jt2jt3 lights go down, two spotlights appear and the concert opened with “Holy Grail,” really I could stop the post here as I’ve already made my case on the greatness that transpired. The following two hours were pure, unadulterated fun. Far and wide my favorite parts were when JT Lake sang “New York, New York” (personal vid and that may or may not be me singing off key) leading up to “Empire State of Mind,” I’ve never wanted to be in two places at once more. Also at the end when they closed with “Forever Young.” Here are some more favorites: “On to the Next One,” this, and “99Problems.”

On our high from the concert we headed to The Fillmore where Justin was having an intimate after show for a couple hundred people, if SunLife was an economy sized hummus then The Fillmore was a to-go size. The after show didn’t start until about 2:30 in the morning when JT opened with “Like I Love You” and ever so cooly sipped from a blue Solo cup, to be a cup upon that hand. Alas my master plan to be front row at the after show and wave my picture with him in his face where he would then stop the show to talk to me didn’t happen but it was still single-handedly the best show I have ever been to, and I still haven’t even fully grasped it. One of my favorite parts: his cover of “Need You Tonight,” so hawt. The sign last night was amazing: silent car ride home. photo-9 yup, he’s pointing at me.

is it time for the VMAs yet?


6 degrees of JT

see previous post about my unemployment

YouTube is a trap I tell you.

It all started with my seester Vicki posting a YouTube link to her bff’s profile. The video in question? A one hour and 40 minute video of N*SYNC’s No Strings Attached Tour live from MSG. As I’m sure we all know (look at me assuming anyone actually reads my blog), to the right of any given YouTube video is a list of similar videos. T’was there that I found my next distraction: N*SYNC’s Popodyssey tour, live. There was no turning back.


(I took periodic breaks to look at pics, duh)

I went on to watch N*SYNC’s SuperBowl performance with Aerosmith and Britney Spears (a must if you haven’t already), Ms. Spears’ MTV diary (obvi for the JT* glimpses), JT’s 20/20 interview post-Brit breakup (still don’t understand how she cheated on him), and the “Cry me a River” music vid (BURN); bringing me to JT’s latest video for “Take Back the Night.”

all in all, it was a pretty successful day.

*first of many JT posts