off the “Hook”

One of the things I love about #3 NYC is the summertime. I mean, aside from the 113 degree temps on the subway platforms and the two showers a day deal, New York City in the summertime leaves no room for sadness. Authors note: yes Miami can be just as hot [year round] but aint nobody walking around all day or taking pubtransport. Also, lesbi honest: summer only mildly stands out from the rest because of so many #5 free things to do, yes, I am a cheap date. From museums to bike rentals, concerts to outdoor plays, the list of free things to do is endless; think of all the money you’ll save for New York’s true gem: food.  One of my favorite free events in the summer is outdoor movies. Since I can remember I’ve wanted to go to a drive in movie, and while NYC doesn’t offer drive-ins (can you imagine the cab fare?), the city’s best parks are the perfect setting for a movie at sundown.

Yesterday I went to see Hook in Central Park with Sofi and her brother who is visiting from Macedonia, it’s above Greece. It’s interesting how different movies and TV shows are when you watch them later in life, there were so many jokes that flew right over my naturally curly head. Also, the part where Hook attempts suicide, NOT for kiddos. Last night also happened to be the perfect temp, all I needed was a light jacket.

photo 1

photo 2 if you are in the city you should try to make it to the festival, it ends Monday with Raiders of the Lost Arc.

the city of New York should have paid me for this post,


*summer is actually tied with fall, but that would’ve made this post less effective right?