summer night’s dream

I plan on writing a post about my entire weekend @ home but friday night deserves it’s own post, its own blog really but I fear my one reader will get bored.

Where should I start? 1996 when I first discovered Justin Timberlake? January 10th, 2013 when JT announced his return to music? February 22 when jT and Jay announced LOTS? (thanks fb for confirming all these dates) Lets go with the latter eh? Considering we bought our tickets Feb 22nd, at 12 pm when they went on sale, It was close to torture waiting until August 16th for the show. But, no surprise here, grossly worth the wait. Lets review.

We arrived to Dolphin ProPlayer LandShark SunLife stadium about an hour before the show to tailgate, and of course what better choice than champagne. I always get really nervous before concerts, not sure if it’s fear of missing or forgetting something but it just happens k? Said champagne calmed my nerves in no time.

jt1sister Vicki’s tres trendy concert outfit, see what she did there?

jt2jt3 lights go down, two spotlights appear and the concert opened with “Holy Grail,” really I could stop the post here as I’ve already made my case on the greatness that transpired. The following two hours were pure, unadulterated fun. Far and wide my favorite parts were when JT Lake sang “New York, New York” (personal vid and that may or may not be me singing off key) leading up to “Empire State of Mind,” I’ve never wanted to be in two places at once more. Also at the end when they closed with “Forever Young.” Here are some more favorites: “On to the Next One,” this, and “99Problems.”

On our high from the concert we headed to The Fillmore where Justin was having an intimate after show for a couple hundred people, if SunLife was an economy sized hummus then The Fillmore was a to-go size. The after show didn’t start until about 2:30 in the morning when JT opened with “Like I Love You” and ever so cooly sipped from a blue Solo cup, to be a cup upon that hand. Alas my master plan to be front row at the after show and wave my picture with him in his face where he would then stop the show to talk to me didn’t happen but it was still single-handedly the best show I have ever been to, and I still haven’t even fully grasped it. One of my favorite parts: his cover of “Need You Tonight,” so hawt. The sign last night was amazing: silent car ride home. photo-9 yup, he’s pointing at me.

is it time for the VMAs yet?