friday five

alright I’m starting something new this week with the first edition of INDIECISIVE’S FRIDAY FIVE! hey, if Oprah can yell her fav things so can I right? So here are the 5 things on my mind this Friday: 1. all white everything: with labor day just around the corner I have every intention of donning white […]

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no sleep til brooklyn

I awoke this morning to the best news, well, maybe second best (still no job): justiN, chriS, joeY, “lansteN,” and jC will reportedly be reuniting this Sunday @ the MTV VMAs. Since that fateful day in 2002 when I watched TRL through a puddle of tears sitting on my dad’s recliner, and thus began plotting […]

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6 degrees of JT

see previous post about my unemployment YouTube is a trap I tell you. It all started with my seester Vicki posting a YouTube link to her bff’s profile. The video in question? A one hour and 40 minute video of N*SYNC’s No Strings Attached Tour live from MSG. As I’m sure we all know (look […]

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