happy bestday

you’ll have to excuse my tardiness on this post, especially since I can’t even blame it on my Indiecisiveness. Lets just pretend we’re friends who haven’t seen each other since last Friday and today when you saw me, you asked how my weekend was. You’re so sweet for asking!!! I’ll tell you all about it…

On Saturday we celebrated Sofi’s 22nd birthday; the girl kept rambling (love you) about how she wanted a party on a rooftop or park and I also remember only hearing words like “champagne” and “cake” (clearly we are friends). We decided to surprise her with a picnic in our neighborhood’s park (sup Stuytown?). You guys might not know this but I don’t have a full time job, and lesbi honest: we are all post-grads so we knew we had to make it a potluck picnic. Surprise parties are surprisingly difficult to get together, that must be why they’re called “surprise parties;” I had to stalk think of creative ways to get a hold of the most important people to her which included commenting on her friend’s Instagram where I left a comment saying to text me at my number and searching LinkedIn for a coworker, did you know James is like a really poplar name?? All our planning and plotting was worth it, czech it out!


image this photo has been the cause of much debate as to who took it

imagedefinitely a moment for the jar, xoxo patty


off the “Hook”

One of the things I love about #3 NYC is the summertime. I mean, aside from the 113 degree temps on the subway platforms and the two showers a day deal, New York City in the summertime leaves no room for sadness. Authors note: yes Miami can be just as hot [year round] but aint nobody walking around all day or taking pubtransport. Also, lesbi honest: summer only mildly stands out from the rest because of so many #5 free things to do, yes, I am a cheap date. From museums to bike rentals, concerts to outdoor plays, the list of free things to do is endless; think of all the money you’ll save for New York’s true gem: food.  One of my favorite free events in the summer is outdoor movies. Since I can remember I’ve wanted to go to a drive in movie, and while NYC doesn’t offer drive-ins (can you imagine the cab fare?), the city’s best parks are the perfect setting for a movie at sundown.

Yesterday I went to see Hook in Central Park with Sofi and her brother who is visiting from Macedonia, it’s above Greece. It’s interesting how different movies and TV shows are when you watch them later in life, there were so many jokes that flew right over my naturally curly head. Also, the part where Hook attempts suicide, NOT for kiddos. Last night also happened to be the perfect temp, all I needed was a light jacket.

photo 1

photo 2 if you are in the city you should try to make it to the festival, it ends Monday with Raiders of the Lost Arc.

the city of New York should have paid me for this post,


*summer is actually tied with fall, but that would’ve made this post less effective right?

no sleep til brooklyn

I awoke this morning to the best news, well, maybe second best (still no job): justiN, chriS, joeY, “lansteN,” and jC will reportedly be reuniting this Sunday @ the MTV VMAs.

Since that fateful day in 2002 when I watched TRL through a puddle of tears sitting on my dad’s recliner, and thus began plotting Carson Daily’s death, I have been waiting for an N*SYNC reunion. You might even say an N*SYNC reunion is all I ever wanted, baby.

Immediately after the news and throwing away Carson’s voodoo doll, I began researching my options on getting into Barclays this Sunday (ugh if only I would have gotten that job I applied for at Barclays! Or any other really). I have since entered every possible contest and ticket lottery continuously telling myself “its gonna be me,” law of attraction y’all!

20130821-003632.jpg as a little girl I wanted nothing more than to be the little black boy who got to dance with N*SYNC

But let’s get serious, can you imagine how epic this performance is going to be?? It makes me ill thinking about the possible matching overalls, frosted tips, choreographed dance sequences where Joey falls over, JT cornrows, JT CURLY HAIR, I just can’t. While I’m hoping for a greatest hits melody, the five of them could just stand there in camo cargo shorts and it would still be great, this I promise you.

bye bye bye,

lets review

when you’re unemployed (holla!), life is like, all weekends. BUT when you’re friends are employed, it’s not really. Alas my weekend started on Friday when Sofi, Nati and I went to Lavo and had a lavly time. Note on Lavo: my ego and I can only handle it about once every few months. I felt like death warmed up on Saturday but a trip to The Highline was the quickest fix, yes even with all the tourists (New Yorker eye roll). At night Sofi and I walked to the west village to meet a friend of ours at a coffee shop; unsure of our next step someone suggested a Jazz club and we were on our way (I realize those last two sentences make me sound totes hipster, which has been cancelled out by my use of ‘totes’). On the way I remembered a place in NoLita called Sweet & Vicious with frozen margs in mason jars, there was no need to convince. Long post short, I was speaking in Spanish the entire walk home. Bloody Sunday arrived and we went for our traditional Sunday-coffee for someone who hates coffee I sure go to a lot of coffee shops.


image3can I get married on the highline?

image2post dos margaritas

image1 the girls of 1G pre coffee

oh, and when I wasn’t doing the above I was listening to Royals by Lorde. Definitely a week for the jar.

Here’s wishing you a week that feels like the weekend!


apartment sweet apartment

Everyone from friends, bosses, BuzzFeed, and TimeOut Magazine warned me about New York’s apartment sitch, but I didn’t care because I knew I needed to be in the city.

To be honest though if I would have listened to any of them, or even to the crazy lady on the subway, I don’t even think it would have helped. Because finding an apartment in New York City was literally (Chris Traeger voice) the worst experience of my two and a half years in New York. There, I’ve said it. Weeks and weeks of searching Craigslist, RentHop, and Naked Apartments amounted to a huge headache and moments where I was convinced I would be couch surfing for the next month; but alas my bff and roomie Sofi and I found heaven on 18th and 1st.

It was a serious blank canvas when we arrived, chocolate hardwood floors and white walls all throughout (the 17 year-old me with dreams of becoming an interior decorator could not wait to get started).

apt1 of course like every other New Yorker we trekked to Brooklyn’s IKEA where we got the dining table, four chairs, couch, and two coffee table all for around $400. Once we were able to eat our meals on chairs we started adding little touches here and there.


so was the headache worth it? absolutely.