just the way you jar

I noticed I closed my last post with “definitely a weekend for the jar,” and my 4 readers were probably all like “wtf?”

Thanks to Pinterest (seriously, thank you), there’s like, an endless number of things you can do with a jar. In my apartment alone we use glass jars for drinking, potting flowers, collecting our Trader Joe’s wine corks, and for candles. My personal fave dough is the  old milk jar in my room I use to keep little pieces of paper where I have been scribbling down moments throughout the year that have made me happy (below). I love that I actually started this lil craft on January 1st  and have been keeping it up since! I also cannot wait until New Years when I can read them all, preferably with a glass of champy.

photo (peep the SNL wristband)

so, this jar is the reason I utter from time to time “it’s going in the jar!” (to be read like Anne Hathaway’s bff in Princess Diaries when she says “its going in the durt!”), or “this is one for the books jar.”

hope this post wasn’t jarring,



apartment sweet apartment

Everyone from friends, bosses, BuzzFeed, and TimeOut Magazine warned me about New York’s apartment sitch, but I didn’t care because I knew I needed to be in the city.

To be honest though if I would have listened to any of them, or even to the crazy lady on the subway, I don’t even think it would have helped. Because finding an apartment in New York City was literally (Chris Traeger voice) the worst experience of my two and a half years in New York. There, I’ve said it. Weeks and weeks of searching Craigslist, RentHop, and Naked Apartments amounted to a huge headache and moments where I was convinced I would be couch surfing for the next month; but alas my bff and roomie Sofi and I found heaven on 18th and 1st.

It was a serious blank canvas when we arrived, chocolate hardwood floors and white walls all throughout (the 17 year-old me with dreams of becoming an interior decorator could not wait to get started).

apt1 of course like every other New Yorker we trekked to Brooklyn’s IKEA where we got the dining table, four chairs, couch, and two coffee table all for around $400. Once we were able to eat our meals on chairs we started adding little touches here and there.


so was the headache worth it? absolutely.